Brighton and Hove’s beach by-laws relaxed for dog walkers

Posted On 05 May 2020 at 1:30 pm

The council has relaxed the beach by-laws in Brighton and Hove to help dog walkers to exercise their pets safely during the coronavirus crisis.

Dogs are not allowed on a number of beaches from the start of May under the Brighton and Hove City Council by-laws.

But today (Tuesday 5 May) the council said: “By-laws restricting dog walking on Brighton and Hove’s beaches have been relaxed to help residents exercise their dogs safely while complying with social distancing guidelines.

“Normally, 1 May marks the closure of specific stretches of the beach to dog walkers, with the by-laws in place for the summer season.

“However, due to the current covid-19 pandemic, the council’s Seafront Office has decided to delay these restrictions.

“This will enable residents and their dogs to continue to enjoy a walk along the city’s beaches while social distancing and staying safe.”

The council urged owners to keep their dogs under control on the beach and keep them on a lead on the prom.

The council also called on owners to clean up after their dogs and to be considerate to other people on the seafront who may be nervous of dogs.

The latest measures will stay in place until the social distancing restrictions are lifted, the council added, or until beach lifeguards can take up their posts.

There have been reports of owners cleaning up after their dogs then leaving the bags in recycling bins, potentially contaminating them and creating a health hazard for recycling crews.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Dogs are cheering to see on the Hove seafront. They lift everybody’s spirits (well, except for the Moaners’).

  2. Cat Person Reply

    Please respect others and keep that dog on a lead. Too many dog owners forget that many people are scared and worried by a dog jumping up on them. They certainly do not lift everybody’s spirits.

    It is also very noticeable that during this lockdown less people are picking up the mess. Even stranger are those who are bagging up the mess but leaving the bags scattered everywhere in the woods where I walk. Very weird as a rain storm at least washes away the abandoned poisonous mess when left “au naturel”, but in a plastic bag it will be there for many years.

    It is only a small minority of dog owners who do this, but they give the rest a bad reputation.

  3. TP Reply

    Great. More dogs mess on the beach!

    • Cat Person Reply

      Don’t disagree with certain people as you’ll get your post deleted. I posted similar to you yesterday. Post now gone.

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