More flats for Hove seafront as £19m scheme wins approval on appeal

Posted On 31 Dec 2020 at 2:36 pm

A developer has been given permission to build an eight-storey block of flats on Hove seafront, having won an appeal after Brighton and Hove City Council turned down his planning application.

The proposed seafront flats in Kingsway, Hove, on the corner of Braemore Road

And the £19 million scheme will now only have to include two affordable homes rather than four – or the cash equivalent – as a result of rule changes since the council’s decision.

The council’s Planning Committee rejected plans by Agenda Homes to build 37 flats in place of three houses, which would be demolished, on the A259 Kingsway, by the corner of Braemore Road.

Agenda Homes chief executive Jamie Barratt, 50, appealed to the government’s independent Planning Inspectorate after the council rejected the scheme.

The Planning Committee voted seven to three against the plans in July last year, even though the design was said to have been inspired by the art deco Embassy Court.

Neighbours sent more than 70 letters of objection and were backed by the Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, and the Conservative councillors for Wish ward, Robert Nemeth and Garry Peltzer Dunn.

But planning inspector Guy Davies granted planning permission in a decision made a week before Christmas.

Councillor Nemeth said on Twitter: “This is a real shame for the neighbours.”

Mr Davies said: “The height, massing, scale and position of the building would accord with other tall buildings along Kingsway, would be acceptable in terms of its relationship with the street scene along Braemore Road and would complement the character and appearance of the wider area.

“Clearly there would be a significant change in the outlook, degree of overlooking and in some cases light to neighbouring properties.

“In the context of development along the western seafront, these factors would be comparable to the existing and anticipated relationships between taller buildings fronting Kingsway and the houses that adjoin them.

“They fall within accepted relationships between such buildings and I do not find that the living conditions of occupants in neighbouring dwellings would be harmed.”

  1. Hove Guy Reply

    Welcome to Costa Del Hove, where bigger is certainly far from better. What this tells us about the government’s independent Planning Inspectorate doesn’t bear thinking about.

  2. KirstyM Reply

    Wonder if someone was given a thick brown envelope for xmas?

    On a serious £5note, once built if the neighbours do find lighting/noise/unsafe issues can they personally take planning inspector Guy Davies to court for agreeing this?
    Surely if things go wrong someone has to be held responsible? How much is a backhander on a £19m deal nowaydays?

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