Heatwave and lockdown easing brings crowds to the beach

Posted On 31 Mar 2021 at 9:48 am

Fire poi by the West Pier by Lisa Francesca Nand/Big Travel podcast

Beachgoers who flocked to the beach to enjoy a balmy sunset yesterday were treated to a different kind of fireshow by the West Pier.

Thousands of people flocked to the beach throughout the day in largely socially distanced fashion to take advantage of lockdown rules easing combined with record-breaking temperatures.

Small groups of friends and families clustered together on the shingle, relieved that what for most people will have been a exceptionally long and tough winter is finally over.

As the beach was filling up, so were the bins and some were already overflowing by early evening.

Meanwhile seafront takeaways and convenience stores were doing a roaring trade.

As night fell, some performers put on a small unannounced fire poi show by the West Pier. The show started at dusk, and carried on for a couple of hours until the tide came in.

Yesterday was the UK’s hottest March day for 53 years, and the balmy temperatures are set to be repeated today.

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    This is bad. Third lockdown incoming. #covid #blm #adfordablehousing #extendfurlough

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