Mum who left her daughter to starve to death had abandoned her 11 times before

Posted On 09 Apr 2021 at 4:33 pm

Verphy Kudi with Asiah on the tot’s first birthday in March 2019

A mother who left her toddler daughter at home to go and party for six days while the tot starved to death had left her unattended on 11 previous occasions.

Verphy Kudi abandoned 14-month-old Asiah on her 18th birthday in December 2019 for six days of partying in London, Coventry and Solihull, in the West Midlands.

Last month, she pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Lewes Crown Court, and will be sentenced next month. The pair were living at supported housing for young families in Islingword Road, Brighton, and a safegurding practice review has been launched.

The Times has reported today on details revealed at an earlier court hearing, where prosecutor Sally Howes QC said Kudi had first left Asiah alone in mid-October, which was and had been spoken to.

But she went on to leave the tot alone another 11 times, culminating in the six days she was abandoned following Kudi’s 18th birthday on December 4.

YMCA Downslink, which has been running the supported housing, Gocher Court, since September 2019, said it had not been aware of these instances at the time.

It said that they had come to light after police examined CCTV following Asiah’s death.

It also said it social services had been informed of the safeguarding incident in mid-October. Brighton and Hove City Council last month said Asiah did not have a social worker and was not on a chid protection plan when she died.

In a statement, YMCA Downslink said: “This tragedy has shocked us all. Our staff, particularly those who work at Gocher Court, have been and continue to be, deeply affected by it.

“Verphy Kudi and her daughter, Asiah had been living at Gocher Court, independent living flats, for 9 weeks, when Asiah died.

“We have not been informed about the 11 occasions that the prosecution referred to and staff were not aware. The flats at Gocher Court are self-contained and are rented on a private tenancy basis.

“Families living at these flats live independently and are free to come and go without being monitored. Staff are available during the day, to offer housing-related support and one/two hours of planned key-work sessions each week.

“CCTV footage is not used for live monitoring and so is not used to monitor the live activities/actions of residents. It is there to provide security and as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

“It is also available to provide retrospective information and as such, all CCTV footage was handed over to the police to aid the criminal investigation. It was the police investigation, after Asiah’s death which has brought these possible further instances to light.

“The safeguarding incident which we were aware of was reported to social services. This tragic death is still being investigated with the Safeguarding Practice Review which we are contributing to fully and we will not be making any further comments until we have the outcome of that review.

“Our sympathies and thoughts are with the family and everyone affected by this tragic event.”

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