Five things we noticed as Brighton & Hove Albion lost at home to Everton

Posted On 29 Aug 2021 at 10:40 am

1) Rafa Benitez has certainly assembled a team that could challenge for a top four place. Everton knew exactly how to snuff out Albion. With the likes of Andros Townsend and Seamus Coleman, the Toffees have some unsung and extremely efficient players.

2) Heatwave? What heatwave? The Amex floodlights were on at 4.30pm yesterday afternoon.

3) Richarlison is quite a petulant character. Not only did he assume he was going to take Everton’s second-half penalty, until Townsend had to wrestle the ball away from him, he was still so incensed at the final whistle that he kicked a discarded tracksuit along the touchline. He did demonstrate some ego considering his team had won.

4) Back in 1998 the gap between Arsenal and the Seagulls was a whopping 91 League places. As of today that is down to 13. In Albion’s favour. The Seagulls are in 7th while the poor old Gunners, the strongest team in the Premier League, are propping up the rest in 20th.  There they will stay, save some extraordinary results today, until after the international break.

5) We couldn’t help notice not only the lack of staff at the Amex but sadly the lack of adherence in some cases to the rules and regulations and the general undignified behaviour of some fans. Let’s hope this was a one-off and can be rectified soon. The Albion do their utmost to prevent this and try to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and memorable day out.

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