New roof terrace plans for Brighton pub

Posted On 28 Apr 2022 at 1:11 pm

A popular pub on a busy Brighton junction is planning a new garden roof terrace.

Nathan Moseby, whose company El Comodin bought The Joker at Preston Circus last year, says he wants to build the terrace to its rear to make the pub more viable.

A similar application in 2014 was refused because of the potential impact on neighbours and because it would look out of place.

This application, written by Lewis and Co Planning, says the current plans have a more interesting design.

It also includes acoustic reports which say there would be no adverse impact on neighbours – partly because kitchen extract equipment wouldn’t be relocated.

It says: “The roof terrace will be enclosed by a physically and visually lightweight timber pergola set in timber planters placed round the edge of the flat roof.

“The pergola will be approximately 3metres high, with a retractable canopy over it at approximately 3.4metres high. Climbing plants will be introduced to cover the pergola structure.

“Atop the planters to the Beaconsfield Road side will be a 300mm glass balustrade to give a 1metre high barrier to the street. To the western edge of the terrace a 2metre high acoustic fence will sit above the planters.

“The existing, unsightly metal fire escape and raised steps from the rear of the public house building will be removed. A new metal staircase from the terrace down to the street access will be provided.

“The existing Beaconsfield Road gate is not intended as the access point to the terrace but it will be retained for safety and escape purposes. The main terrace access will be through the existing rear door at the first floor of the main building.

“The Joker does not currently have a proper outdoor seating area. Seats and benches are occasionally put out to the front of the public house. However, the volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at this busy road junction is not conducive to customer experience.

“In the post-pandemic climate, there is a distinct trend for sitting outside at public houses, where people feel more comfortable and socially distanced.

“Public houses without outdoor spaces face additional challenges over the well-publicised industry pressures to stay viable into the future.

“The proposed roof terrace will provide an inviting outdoor seating space to help ensure the ongoing viability of the historic public house to the benefit of the London Road town centre.”

Addressing the potential for noise disturbing neighbours, it says: “The acoustic report concludes that the introduction of the external terrace area in its proposed form could result in an increase in noise levels of 2dB during the evening period up to 11pm.

“In subjective loudness terms these level changes may not be perceptible by the normal ear. For the change to be perceptible, the increase in noise level would normally be around 3dB or higher.

“Therefore, the noise levels due to the introduction of the external terrace area is not expected to lead to adverse noise impact.

“In a clear departure from the refused 2014 scheme, this proposal has evidenced the avoidance of adverse impact in terms of noise.

“Notwithstanding this, the acoustic report details mitigation measures that would reduce any risks of adverse impact as far as practical.

“These measures include closing the terrace to patrons at 11pm, displaying signage encouraging noise be kept to a minimum, only playing low level background music and a fence without holes between terrace and residential neighbour.

“The applicant is agreeable to a planning condition stipulating these measures be put in place.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    How many names has this pub had? Blink and it’s changed again.

  2. Dave Reply

    Sweet, love this pub.

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