‘Hastings Fat Tuesday’ will feature over 300 live performances

Posted On 19 Jan 2023 at 1:46 am

This band are playing ‘Hastings Fat Tuesday’….find out who they are below…..(pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)

The ‘Hastings Fat Tuesday‘ music festival is a renowned annual multi-venue event that takes place over five days in Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea, with a brilliantly diverse programme of events and incredible artists. This year’s event runs from 17th to 21st February. Everything is free entry (subject to capacity)except their flagship event ‘Le Mardi Gras Ball’, ‘Un-Convention’ and the infamous ‘After Party’.

Hastings Fat Tuesday Festival revellers (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)

Billed as the UK’s biggest Mardi Gras, the event provides a dash of vibrant colour in an otherwise dull month. The idea of ‘Hastings Fat Tuesday’ is to include everyone. It offers countless opportunities to experience new music (with over 300 live performances on offer), inside venues that you likely haven’t as yet explored. Of course there are some old favourites, as well as workshops and traditions, plus fancy dress in the way only Hastings knows. There’s a wealth of places to eat and drink.

Mardi Gras Ball 2022 at Hastings Fat Tuesday (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)

‘Le Mardi Gras Ball’ will be taking place on Friday 17th February at the White Rock Theatre from 8pm to 3am and will feature OH MY GOD! IT’S THE CHURCH, Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, and Mixfits featuring Lemur Beats (DJs). More information on this event along with tickets can be found HERE.


Earlier the same day (17th February) there will be a one-day grassroots music conference titled ‘Un-Convention’, featuring panellists from across the music industry sharing their experience and identifying some of the challenges for artists in the modern era. Learn more about that event HERE.

Unplugged Saturday at Hastings Fat Tuesday 2022 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)

The ever popular Saturday ‘UNPLUGGED TOUR’ (18th February) hosts more than 300 free gigs at pubs, bars, cafes and shops across Hastings Old Town and central St. Leonards features a wealth of musicians and singers from all genres – folk meets punk meets pop, rock and sea shanties!

If you need some guidance on which acts to see performing live, then the Brighton & Hove News would like to flag up half a dozen acts to get you started:

Shady Baby at The Prince Albert, Brighton 22.11.22 (pic Emma Bouterse)


HotWax (as seen at the very top of this article) at The Prince Albert, Brighton 13.9.22 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)


Office For Personal Development live at Hastings Fat Tuesday 2022 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)


CIEL at The Prince Albert, Brighton 10.8.21 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)


City Dog at Green Door Store, Brighton 14.10.22 (pic Cris Watkins)


Congratulations at Patterns, Brighton 11.10.21 (pic Sara-Louise Bowrey)

The full list of music artists taking place can be found HERE. The full list of venues participating in ‘Hastings Fat Tuesday’ can be found HERE.

Visit hastingsfattuesday.co.uk for everything about the festival.

Festival flyer

Mardi Gras flyer

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