The Brighton Wheel – thank you and goodnight

Posted On 09 May 2016 at 12:14 am

Thank you and goodnight, the Brighton Wheel.

Brighton Wheel last night 20160508-01

The Wheel closed last night (Sunday 8 May) after almost five years and hundreds of thousands of customers taking a spin to see the sights – even if much of the view consisted of looking out to sea. These pictures were taken in the final hours before the ride closed for good.

Brighton Wheel last night 20160508-02

So the commentary didn’t appear to have been updated. Anyone peering west when actor, writer and comedian Steve Coogan described the power station chimney will have seen the i360 looking larger than life. It is 530ft (162m) tall.

And it’s the advent of the i360 that has put paid to the Wheel which reached a height of 160ft (50m). The attraction, just east of the Palace Pier, was given planning permission on condition that it closed before the i360 opened.

Brighton Wheel last night 20160508-03

And the i360 is due to open this summer. A plea by the Wheel’s operator – Paramount Attractions – for a stay of execution was turned down last year by Brighton and Hove City Council.

The Wheel is due to be dismantled this week. It has been advertised for sale.

On Thursday (5 May) plans were submitted for a new attraction on the Wheel site – at Dalton’s Bastion. Paramount wants to operate a 1,000ft (300m) zip wire. Full details are expected to emerge in the next few days.

Brighton Wheel last night 20160508-04


  1. Wheely mcwheelface Reply

    Me and my girlfriend had our 2nd date on that. But you move on don’t you?

    • ItsAfunnyOne Reply

      ‘spect you have been going round together ever since? ha ha

  2. Victoria Reply

    When it get taken apart?

  3. Patrick Smash Reply

    Why not keep the Brighton Wheel and dismantle the hated Brighton ‘Stink-Pipe’? I don’t know of one single person who wanted the stink-pipe built, or know anyone who thinks that the stink-pipe fits-in well with Regency Square, that it is next to.

    • Wheelie McWheelieface the 2nd Reply

      Agreed Patrick.

      • Sherrie Fox Reply

        Agree wholeheartedly

  4. Philip Reply

    Don’t understand why they couldn’t keep both, the more amusements the better to draw people. Also a lot of people who would go on the wheel won’t go on the i360. Be interesting to see how many panic attacks they get.

  5. Peter SHEPPARD Reply

    The ‘Stink Pipe’ should go.
    None of these high rise obstacles do anything to enhance Brighton’s regency frontage.
    Neither do they bring any financial advantage to the town.
    All I see is extra sea front traffic and the resultant traffic chaos that ensues and a monstrosity spoiling the view.

  6. Donna Reply

    We have just came back from a week at Brighton and was sad to see that the wheel was no longer there, we did get to see the i360 in operation but i would rather have gone on the wheel as i am frightened of heights and i am not brave enough for a height like the i360, also it does not look very attractive when it is not in use as it just looks like a huge metal pole.

  7. Paul Smith Reply

    upset to see no big wheel today

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