Woodpecker a-spires to new pecking order

Posted On 01 Feb 2010 at 10:46 am

This picture of a woodpecker pecking away at the spire on Stanmer Church has been named Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Flickr image of the week.

The photograph, Knocking on heaven’s door, was taken by Rongem Boyo in Falmer Village on Sunday, January 23.

He told Brighton and Hove News: “Mrs Boyo and I were walking our dog Boris. We could here the drumming, but couldn’t see the bird.

“We were looking to the tops of trees, as you would, with no luck. Just by chance, I looked at the church spire and there it was.

“A passer by told me the tiles are wooden. I think they use the drumming for mating/territorial purposes, and it must be said, the acoustics were pretty good.

“I have seen Green woodpeckers on fence posts a couple of times, but never anything as mad as this.”

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