Sussex University students in fresh protest

Posted On 11 Mar 2010 at 4:56 pm

Sussex University students said that they had occupied the refectory at the Falmer campus in a fresh protest.

They were calling for six students who were suspended after a previous protest to be allowed to return to their studies.

The previous protest – the occupation of Bramber House – was to underline their objection to £5 million cuts involving the loss of 115 jobs.

Some of thestudents climbed on to the refectory roof as part of their protest this afternoon, they said on Twitter.

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They claimed that 200 students marched to Bramber House again for their latest demo.

Next Thursday, 18 March, the UCU college lecturers’ union, is due to hold a strike to protest about the proposed cuts.

  1. geoff bridges Reply

    I feel devistated by the cuts, but at the same, mortified by the lack of intelligence in the campaign to overturn it. The most recent protest has strayed from the urgent issue of cuts. We know police are brutal, and protesting about these suspensions makes it seem like they’ll protest about anything and everything. 2 things are necessary if this protest movement isn’t going to end up an embarresing defeat. 1) Students need to get the moral highground by doing something that harms themselves, not just other people – like withholding work, essays, fees, or even going on hunger strikes – or sending a carefully worded handwritten letter to the chalncellor and chasing up by phone every day – or standing up in class in protest and refusing to leave showing yr prepared to risk yr education. Otherwise it just looks like immature, reactionary, self-idulgient fun.

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