Thousands join campaign to save Saltdean Lido

Posted On 15 Mar 2010 at 8:03 pm

More than 2,500 people have joined a campaign to save the historic Saltdean Lido from closure.

The 1930s outdoor swimming pool’s owner, Dennis Audley, wants to concrete over the pool and build 100 flats in a £12million development. The building’s facade would stay intact, and a library would be built.

Mr Audley told The Argus he had lost £250,000 running the lido over the past ten years, which he blamed in part on the weather.

But the outcry over his plans suggests there is still a huge amount of local support for the pool.

A taskforce has also been set up via a Facebook Group, which is contacting English Heritage to try and upgrade its listing from Grade II to Grade II*.

The group has also dug out the details of its existing listing, which shows not just the facade but the whole pool, including its interior, is protected from development.

It is also in talks with Fusion, which has turned around another Art Deco outdoor pool, the Brockwell Lido, known as Brixton’s Beach.

The pool is owned by Brighton and Hove City Council, and the 99-year lease passed to Mr Audley in the early 2000s.

  1. sue Reply

    i live in saltdean we dont need any more flats,loads new ones at old ocean hotel,we should have an inside pool and a wacky warehouse things for the youngsters to do

  2. Reece Reply

    what can I say that has not been said already blaming the weather for loss of earnings I believe that a loss of earning like that comes from greed i.e. if the loss of earnings is showing as high then pity sometimes falls for that persons whose pocket suffers and there for an offer comes in from a big developer to build flats if this is costing 12 million then how much profit is to be made from this and whose pockets won’t feel so short anymore now the understanding is that Brighton and hove city council own this property and that Dennis Audley as only a 99 year lease on the lido if he can’t hack the point of being able to earn money then give the lease to someone that cares for the community and the lido’s future.
    the flats that are suggested will not give homes to people that need them they will be sold to people that have money to buy them at £400.000 per flat now I am just ruff guessing a price this is not a real price but it will not do the lido or salt dean any good to allow this to happen they will not benefit in any way it will spoil salt deans views and good looks I say give the lido to the community that care for it and we will develop the lido for the people that need it family play area’s family show bar for their entertainment children’s play area one pool indoor the other outdoor stay over rooms for people from surrounding areas for them to enjoy there is so much that can be done to the lido to keep it above water it needs someone to manage it that is not there for the money but there for the people that love the lido and the lido its self weather you are rich or poor the story is always the same there are more and more places being pulled apart for development that means there are less and less places for people to get together and have a good sensible time.


  3. Di Shaw Reply

    I have been following the criticism and comments from the Save the Saltdean Lido group with interest.
    It appears to me that the criticism is coming from people who have no experience at running a public facility such as the Lido.
    Clearly the Head Tenant has been struggling for some years and has not made a trading loss on a voluntary basis! I have seen the advertising around Saltdean, Hove & Brighton itself regarding the Lido that the Head Tenant has periodically circulated in an attempt to encourage interest for the local public to use the facility. The loss has occurred due to the fact that such a facility is not a popular concept in today’s society, having been overtaken by the more popular indoor pools with wave machines, slides, warm water and constant temperatures, and has therefore not been attended by many members of the public, local or otherwise albeit for these reasons or indeed the unpredictability of our weather conditions.
    Although the Lido has recently been upgraded to Grade 2*, this of course will have no effect on the potential profitability of the business.
    During a recent visit to the Lido, I noticed that it was now greatly improved in appearance and is being maintained by the operator. However, I have seen no accolades for the Head Tenant in the local press addressing his clear efforts at restoring and conserving the Lido for posterity!
    I am surprised the the Save the Lido Campaign is legally able to hold fundraising events for a property that they do not own. I for one am concerned as to how the funds collected will be refunded to the public if the Save the Lido Campaingers do not obtain ownership, which is highly unlikely!!!
    I would be more inclined to frequent the Lido in support of the present owner who obviously knows and understands the needs of the Lido building and is under no illusions as to the fact that the cost of improving and maintaining the building needs to be supported by a business plan that is both equitable and sympathetic to public views.
    In my view the existing operator should be encouraged to submit a planning application to take into account all the ideas the he has suggested, as well as the aspirations of the local community.
    Continual criticism is not only a very negative approach but is unlikely to achieve a result that will ensure the future success of the building.
    D Shaw

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