Brighton's Market Diner closes for maintenance

Posted On 21 Mar 2010 at 9:43 am

One of Brighton’s most popular cafés was rumoured to have closed at the weekend – but the truth is more mundane.

Reports were circulating on the internet that the Market Diner in Circus Street, Brighton, may have closed its doors for a final time.

After all, less than two years ago the owners placed the home of the Gut Buster up for sale.

But the all-night diner has not gone buster – it is merely closed for essential maintenance on its sewerage and electrics, according to a blackboard sign in the window with yesterday’s (Saturday’s) date on it.

The café was sold to Jane Parnell – a former customer – and her husband Tony, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, in the autumn of 2008 by Alex Ross.

Mr Ross had run the Market Diner since 1975, working alongside his sons Neal and Alec.

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