Hove deputy head runs marathon for pupils

Posted On 24 Apr 2010 at 2:32 pm

Hove teacher Dave White will be among thousands taking part in the London Marathon tomorrow.

Mr White, 50, deputy head of St Andrew’s CE Primary School in Belfast Street, Hove, was prompted to run by two Reception Year children who have been fighting cancer.

He said on his Virgin Money Giving page: “I am running for CLIC Sargent – Cancer and Leukemia In Childhood (Caring for Children with Cancer) – with which, through school, I have had a fair amount of contact.

“Over the years we have been unfortunate enough to have had a number of children suffer with cancer.

“Not only is it a terrible time for them, but also for their families.

CLIC is a charity that supports whole families during the nightmare that is the serious illness of a loved one.

“I have witnessed for myself the invaluable care, support and guidance that CLIC provide for families and the staff of our school.

“Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, CLIC are only able to offer support to two out of every three families that need it.

“When you realise that ten children are diagnosed with cancer every day, it is clear that this is a very worthy cause.

“When I began my training 20 weeks ago I was aiming to complete the marathon in four hours.

“However, because I am old and unfit I aggravated a previous footballing injury and am now aiming to complete it in less than four days!”

“While I am running I will be thinking particularly about Jos and Felix – two brave and beautiful children in the Reception Year at St Andrew’s, both of whom have been fighting against cancer.

“The families of both these children speak very highly of the support that they received from CLIC when they needed it most.

“Their achievements and fortitude will make mine look very paltry in comparison.”

He set a target of £300 but has already exceeded £1,700.

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