Rush is on for new Hove beach huts sale

Posted On 18 May 2010 at 9:09 am

Dozens of people have already made enquiries about the 16 new beach huts now on sale along Hove seafront.

The existing beach huts in Hove / CC BY 2.0

Only city residents are eligible to buy the new huts, which are on the promenade adjacent to Hove Lagoon.

No brand new beach huts have been available to buy from the council for at least a decade so this is a rare opportunity.

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Estate agent Barry Hough, who is handling the sales, said: “We have now received over 30 inquiries, so things have started well.”

He added the huts will be available for occupation from the second week of June.

They will be of the same design and dimensions as the other beach huts along the promenade. They will be green and burgundy but owners can paint their doors any single colour they choose.

It is too early to say how much the beach huts might sell for as beach huts around the country vary considerably and they rarely come up for sale in Brighton and Hove.

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Councillor David Smith, cabinet member for culture and tourism, said: “They’re ideal if you live locally, as it’s like having a holiday on your own doorstep. We’re delighted to be offering these to the city’s residents to enjoy for many summers to come.”

Anyone interested in purchasing one of the new beach huts should contact Parsons, Son and Basley on 01273 274028 or email

  1. Tojo Melville Reply

    How much are they? Do they have access to electricity? How near are the loos? And can I have one??????????

  2. Dan Reply

    Barrys email doesnt work and no one answers his phone numbers so one wonders how 30 people got through – perhaps it helps to know him personally?

  3. Dan Reply

    ps: have been trying since this press release was put on the councils website three days ago.

  4. estate agents brighton Reply

    Callaways on Church road in Hove have quite a few for sale, they are an interesting purchase….

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