Brighton bus driver saves Lulu the stray dog

Posted On 26 May 2010 at 8:56 am

A Brighton bus driver and his passenger went beyond the call of duty when they saved Lulu the stray dog, left for dead by a hit and run taxi driver.

Lucky Lulu the Jack Russell

Lulu, a two-year-old Jack Russell, was hit in Falmer Road in the early hours of May 14. But luckily for her, the accident was witnessed by Big Lemon bus driver Colin Denchfield who stopped, picked her up and took her to a nearby vet.

Colin and his passenger Donna had watched in horror as a taxi driver hit the dog and sped away.

Spacewords Brighton

He told council officers: “My heart sank as I witnessed the impact and I feared the worst but ran out immediately in case she was still alive. As I approached I could see she was still alive.

“I very carefully scooped her up off the road and passed her to my passenger, Donna, who, very kindly agreed to extend her journey to escort me to a local vet.”

Lulu is now being cared for by animal welfare officers from Brighton and Hove City Council. Officer Izzie Blanden said: “Lulu owes her life to Colin, our Good Samaritan bus driver!

“Running over a dog and driving away is a criminal offence and we are currently carrying out an investigation to track down the taxi driver concerned.

“Lulu only survived because Colin and Donna stopped to help and, although she has a broken pelvis, she is recovering well.

“It’s hard to believe that anyone would have left this little dog lying in the road and we are urging taxi companies to help us with our inquiries by checking which of their drivers were in that area at 2.30am.”

  1. mel royal Reply

    Well done to these people who helped her. Hope they find the driver on CTV>

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