Report "slobbish" beachgoers, council urges

Posted On 05 Jul 2010 at 9:37 am

People enjoying Brighton and Hove’s seafront are being urged to report any slobs dumping litter to the council or police this summer.

Councillors have hit out at the litter and damage left behind by people holding parties on Brighton and Hove beach and Hove Lawns.

Environment cabinet councillor Geoffrey Theobald says each morning after hot weather council staff are faced with isolated dumps of refuse on the beach and Hove Lawns.

He said: “It’s simply slobbishness by selfish people who inexplicably feel someone else should clear up after them. A pile left on Hove Lawns recently was a few yards from an empty bin.

“It’s deeply ironic these people go down to the lawns or beach because it’s a clean, pleasant place and then proceed to mess it up.

“Council staff do a brilliant job cleaning the seafront and lawns and taxpayers spend millions on it.

“As littering is a criminal offence people should feel free to report such incidents to the police or council if they see it taking place.”

On Friday, Brunswick councillor Paul Elgood held a meeting with residents and a Brighton and Hove City Council officer to discuss ongoing damage to Hove Lawns.

He says the council should do more to reseed the lawn and manage events such as last weekend’s Paddle Round the Pier to prevent heavy vehicle damage and noise nuisance.

On Sunday, he added that he had been approached by treceived a number of complaints about noise from the free festival. He said: “This is the kind of event everyone should get to enjoy, so it saddens me that problems such as noise are disturbing surrounding residents.”

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