Brighton council tenant faces eviction because her mother has died

Posted On 03 Aug 2010 at 7:27 am

A Brighton council tenant’s friends are rallying round after she was told she must move out of her family home because her mother has died.

According to the BBC, June Kilner’s neighbours and friends are raising a petition to try to persuade Brighton and Hove City Council to allow her to stay there.

The 62-year-old moved into the flat in Ashton Rise with her parents in 1963.

She then cared for her mother after her father’s death in 1986.

But when her mother died in October the council said that she could not take over the tenancy.

There is no suggestion that Miss Kilner has been anything but a model tenant.

The problem has come about because the tenancy of the flat passed from Miss Kilner’s father to her mother after Mr Kilner died.

Under the Housing Act 1985 the tenancy cannot be passed on a second time.

The BBC reports the council as saying that it was aware that the situation was difficult for Miss Kilner, and adding: “Our housing staff aim to be as sensitive and sympathetic as possible in cases such as this.”

  1. Pete Johnson Reply

    So, where is the petition to sign ?. This must not be allowed to happen ? Someone should tell Ms Kilner that she was born anywhere other than the UK adopted at birth and so seeking some sort of asylum. She will then get a palace to live in… seriously where it the petition, her Member of Pariament, a solicitor representing her human rights etc etc.

  2. G. Monk Reply

    I would like to help and join in this campaign. The decision seems unfair and unnecessary.
    I also have some legal background (I have looked at Housing Act 1985 and the Council are technically correct but that may not be the whole story).
    Is there a campaign group and a contact point?
    G Monk

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