Tetra Pak carton recycling launched in Brighton and Hove

Empty cartons (Tetrapaks) can now be recycled in Brighton & Hove.

Carton recycling bins have been installed in 17 of the city’s recycling points.

The scheme is being introduced following requests from residents who took part in the council’s waste strategy consultation.

Cartons containing fruit juice, milk, soup, fabric conditioner and other recyclable cartons, can be dropped off at recycling points once they are washed and squashed.

The cartons will be collected, baled and transported to a recycling mill to be made into a number of different products, from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper bags and envelopes.

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald, Cabinet member for Environment said: “We are very pleased that we have been able to respond to requests from residents and add cartons or Tetrapaks onto the list of materials we now collect for recycling.”

Earlier this month the council introduced aerosols as part of its blackbox and flats recycling schemes and public recycling points.

Carton recycling banks can be found at:

  • The Level
  • Chalky Road, Opposite Community College
  • Portland Road, next to old bingo hall
  • Freshfield Way
  • Marine Cliff Car Park, Rottingdean
  • Queens Park Terrace, Pepperpot
  • Withdean Stadium
  • Preston Park, North entrance
  • Coldean Lane
  • King Alfred Leisure Centre car park
  • Moulescoomb Leisure Centre
  • Co-op on Nevill Road
  • Upper Rock Gardens
  • Co-op on Lewes Road
  • Whitecross Street
  • Wickes DIY, Davigdor Road
  • Ladies Mile Road, Patcham
  1. lockie Reply

    what about margarine containers and yoghurt pot plastics (biggest offenders to the environment)?

  2. Albert Dolan Reply

    I’ve posted the Brighton Tetra Pak recycling locations here.

  3. Penny Reply

    There is no longer a recycling point at Wickes. Does anyone know where I can find an updated list?

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