Brighton lifeboat called out twice

Posted On 29 Aug 2010 at 11:02 pm

The RNLI Brighton lifeboat station held its annual open day today – just a day after two call-outs underlined the volunteer lifeboat crew’s hard work and dedication.

They turned out yesterday lunchtime after a boat with two people on board sunk between Newhaven and Brighton.

The 16ft boat had become swamped and capsized.

A yacht picked up the two crew before the lifeboat reached the scene but the RNLI crew searched for semi-submerged wreckage to make sure they minimised the hazard to shipping.

Later they went to the aid of three people on a yacht after its engine failed two miles south of the Palace Pier.

A lifeboat crewman went aboard the 30ft vessel and the RNLI towed it back to Brighton Marina.

Today the lifeboat station was open from 11am to 4pm for an open day. Events like this are vital to raise the RNLI’s profile as it relies on donations to fund its lifesaving service.

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