Help catch Brighton bike thief, ask police

Posted On 20 Sep 2010 at 10:29 am

A suspected bike thief has been captured on CCTV.

Now police are asking the public to turn him in.

British Transport Police released this image of the suspect who is believed to have taken the bike from Brighton railway station on Thursday 26 August.

Sergeant Judd Hinchliffe, the investigating officer, said: “The owner of the bike had left it locked in the racks on the forecourt of the station around 11am.

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“When she returned later in the day, around 6pm, she discovered both the cycle and the lock had been taken from the racks.”

The bike is a red, white and black Hardrock Sport mountain bike.

It was fitted with a child seat on the back and a basket on the front.

Sgt Hinchliffe said: “We are hoping to identify the man pictured, who had three small children in his care, and who was seen both at Brighton rail station and again leaving a train at East Croydon with a similar cycle.

“I am sure that someone will recognise him from the CCTV still.

“If you do, I would like to hear from you.

“Unfortunately, cycles are a popular target for thieves, and I would urge people to be vigilant.

“The best thing to remember is to register your bike and also to ensure a solid lock is used to secure it.

“If a bike is adequately marked, it makes it much easier to identify and therefore reduces its desirability to thieves.”

Anyone who knows the man featured in the CCTV images is asked to call British Transport Police on Freefone 0800 405040 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

  1. Keith Reply

    In all probability this is the SCROUT that Bull-Cropped my Beluved Rare Trek SL Superlite 300 Carbon Fibre medium size ( 19 in ) Bull – Cropped from the railings just adjacent to the Palace Pier (on frontal view to pier left hand side) this happened Sunday evening 26th August 2012 approximately between 8 – 9 o’clock when festivities were coming to rest ! Serial no WTU2296426R … Model no 9502219. My phone no 07854332125. E-mail Crime Reference: CC2/072522/12 Investigating Officer: Police Staff 64480 Kirby. THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE OF THESE RARE BIKES IN Brighton. AND IT’S MINE!!! I only had the bike for around 5 weeks and enjoyed it immensely it was very special to me. I’m offering a substantial reward for any information. I live in Cornwall and frequent Brighton every other week. I tell you what I’m going to frequent every pub and every club and nail this worthless Cretin myself lock him up and throw away the key. Any info will be entirely confidential. DON, T FORGET THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE OF THESE RARE BIKES IN Brighton. AND IT’S MINE!!! This guy has probably a rotten character and chances are he has upset close relations or friends. ANONOMOSLY WITHOLD YOUR NUMBER AND GIVE US A CALL

  2. Keith Reply

    STRANGE isn’t it! With all the 100s of Mountain Bikes stolen Dailey in and around Brighton no one is willing to come forward and SHOP THIS USELESS ITEM! Why is that? Brighton & Hove NEW%S must have Great volume coverage surely! I know your reading this Cretin: I’m in Brighton next week & will be looking for you in every club & every seedy pub lets see if we can get you some serious time for your WORTHLESS LIFE SHALL WE. Yes you have upset the wrong person!

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