Hollingdean residents plead for safer roads

Posted On 29 Mar 2011 at 7:23 pm

Nearly a thousand people have urged the council to make roads safer near two Brighton primary schools.

Some fear that it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed in Hollingdean Dip.

Many residents who live in and around the Dip are concerned about the danger to children who walk to and from St Joseph’s School and Hertford Infants School.

Christina Summers, who is standing in the local elections in May, presented the petition to Brighton and Hove City Council at Brighton Town Hall last Thursday (24 March).

She said: “This petition asks the council to take a proper overview of all the problems with the road layout in the Dip rather than look at just one part.

“Residents have identified several issues that contribute to their general feeling of vulnerability and concern when moving around the Dip: drivers’ speeds, parking on corners and double yellow lines, the bus stop location and layout, among others.

“The council’s ‘pedestrian crossing assessment methodology’ highlights the importance of public perception of dangerous roads and the impact of crossings on ‘community cohesion’.


“Yet this isn’t scored in their assessment nor are the near-miss collisions or the ‘predictable risk increasing dynamic situations’ such as cars overtaking buses at build-outs every ten minutes.

“Or the need to take into account the number of children under ten who use the street or how well vehicles adhere to speed limits.”

Steve Hare, of Hollingdean Terrace, is due to put questions to council cabinet member for environment Councillor Geoffrey Theobald at a meeting on Thursday (31 March).

Mr Hare wants the council to take into account residents’ experiences when they consider whether to build a pedestrian crossing in the Dip

He said: “As well as near misses, the number of cars speeding to overtake buses at the Dip bus stop don’t currently appear to be taken into account.

“This can’t be right and, especially in areas like the Dip with high numbers of under-10s crossing the road, means people are at risk.”


Another Hollingdean resident said: “The built-out bus stops are a menace not just here but all over Brighton and Hove.

“Four years ago the Tories said they would get rid of them if they were elected but they haven’t.

“They add to pollution, add to traffic jams and add to the danger on the road – for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“It’s frustrating but we’ll probably have to wait until someone is killed before the politicians clear our roads of these monstrous and hazardous obstacles.”

Christina Summers, who is standing for the Green Party, said: “A fatality is waiting to happen.

“The many near misses are a clarion call for the council to do something before it’s too late.”

The Greens have submitted a freedom of information (FoI) request to the council to ask for details of all incidents involving cars and pedestrians in ten roads around the Dip since 2005.

The petition said: “We the undersigned petition the council to take urgent steps to make the Hollingdean Dip safer to cross by reviewing the traffic calming measures in the area and taking steps to improve road safety such as installing a zebra crossing.

“The current arrangement is wholly unsatisfactory for such a busy junction that provides a cut-through for road traffic from all directions and a major pedestrian route particularly to and from Hertford Infants School, and the ‘pinch points’ installed on Hollingbury Crescent ten years ago to slow down vehicles have had no effect as they race one another to squeeze through first.

“We feel strongly that providing better traffic management will transform the level of personal safety, particularly for school children, and significantly ease access to shops on both sides.”

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