Hove man shot with stun gun is charged

Posted On 28 Apr 2011 at 11:42 am

A man who was shot by police with a stun gun on Hove seafront has been charged with stealing alcohol and causing criminal damage.

Jason Banks, 38, of Kingsway, Hove, was arrested after officers used a Taser stun gun on Tuesday morning (26 April).

He is charged with having broken into The View – formerly known as Babylon Lounge – also in Kingsway and was said to have threatened officers with a pole.

Police were alerted at about 6.20am after a burglar alarm went off.

Sussex Police said afterwards: “An aggressive man was safely detained at the premises after a Taser was deployed by specialist officers.”

There was a stand-off for more than an hour before firearms officers entered the premises and arrested the suspect.

Mr Banks is charged with causing £4,500 criminal damage to furniture and decorations as well as damaging a £300 door.

The owner Ali Kosari had reopened the venue only two months ago after a six-month refurbishment.

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