Angry creditor slates failed Brighton crisis management firm

Posted On 16 May 2011 at 3:23 am

An angry creditor has criticised the directors of a Brighton company which claimed to be expert in “identifying risks and effectively managing them” after the business went bust.

Crisis Survivor, of North Road, Brighton, advertised itself as a business continuity specialist but the company has gone into receivership, with £312,000 owed to 38 creditors.

According to its website, Crisis Survivor specialised in “building sustainable and resilient businesses”.

Vaughan Andrewartha, director of one of the creditors, Votive Communications, said: “It beggars belief that a group of so-called crisis survival experts were unable to comprehend that having amassed debts of over £300,000 in four years didn’t constitute a crisis.”

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Votive, Mr Andrewartha’s public relations agency, is owed almost £15,000.

He said: “I personally would be extremely surprised if we see any of the directors involved in any element of crisis management in the future as their handling of their own business shows they are woefully lacking at identifying business-critical issues.”

The directors included chief executive Tony Gimple, who previously worked for American Express, and Michael Walker, a former executive at Prudential Financial.

Mr Gimple, one of six directors, accepted that the winding up of Crisis Survivor was ironic and said that three staff were being made redundant.

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