Brighton man attacked by The Level

Posted On 15 Aug 2011 at 6:34 pm

Police are appealing for three “good samaritans” to come forward after a street attack in Brighton early yesterday (Sunday 14 August).

The victim, a 20-year-old man from Fiveways, was walking along Union Road by The Level at about 2am when he was attacked and knocked down by two or three people.

He was then kicked a number of times as he was on the ground and had his wallet and mobile phone taken from his pockets.

PC Dan Patterson said: “Following this unprovoked attack, a group of people – one woman and two men – came over to him to check he was ok and walked with him to the Fiveways area where he lives.

He had cuts and bruises but did not require hopsital treatment.

“We are asking these three ‘good samaritans’ or any other witnesses to come forward to help our inquiry.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Sussex Police on 0845 6070999.

  1. L Kettle Reply

    My partner got attacked here 5 Months ago by 3 People outside the enterance to the Open Market on the Level side. He was kicked and punched and had his head slammed against the concreat and then boiling hot coffee poured over him!! We are still paying for his treatment now.

    They need MORE police in this area as this happens alot and there is no one around.
    This area is known as having alot of crime so why is nothing getting done to protect innocent people???

    The police dropped the case within less than a week.

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