Brighton and Hove rescue kennels full as 14 dogs are abandoned

Posted On 29 Dec 2011 at 11:35 pm

Fourteen young dogs, some of them puppies of only a few months, have been abandoned in Brighton and Hove over Christmas.

They have been picked up by animal welfare staff working for Brighton and Hove City Council over the holiday period.

The council said that there was no more space to house any more as local shelters were full and several dogs were already kennel-sharing.

The 14th dog, a female staffy husky cross, now called Maisy, was picked up by the out-of-hours strays collection service last night (Wednesday 28 December).

It will have to be kept temporarily in a crate as there is nowhere else for her to go.

Of the 14 stray dogs, only three have been offered kennel space in a rescue centre in the new year so far as it is “one-in, one-out” at all the local rehoming centres.

The council said that the dogs included a young black bouncy staffy called Cola and Hilly, pictured below, a quiet and sweet-natured adult female staffy. There is also Haggis, a young male Scottish/Cairn terrier.

Izzie Blanden, animal welfare officer for the council, said: “There is an increase in people breeding dogs, especially staffies and other bullbreeds.

“In the current economic climate they are struggling to look after them.

“This is leading to an influx of abandoned young dogs at a time of year when there is traditionally an increase.

“We urgently need to find good homes for the animals, which have been abandoned through no fault of their own.

“Long term, we urge people to carefully consider the possible results of breeding these dogs.

“The council can offer support and advice on neutering cats and dogs, which is the best way of ensuring that breeding does not get out of control.”

The other dogs are: Santa, a white and tan staffy pup, Mary, a dark brown staffy pup, Moses, a black staffy, Moby, a blue brindle staffy, Luke, a fawn mastiff, Branston, a very powerful mastiff/staffy cross, Jay Dee, a red and white medium sized crossbred dog, Lola, a black and white female smooth-haired collie cross, Immey, a young brindle staffy cross, and Junior, a white pointer/crossbred pup.

For more information about these dogs and others needing a new home in the new year, contact the animal welfare team on 01273 292446.


  1. Paul Perrin Reply

    Maybe we need to bring back dog licences, at least for ‘muscle dogs’ and their crosses – create a DNA register and track back the abandoned dogs to their parents owners – make them accountable and ban then from owning dogs in future if they don’t look after their dogs offspring.

  2. Valerie Paynter, Reply

    Every single dog and cat should be chipped and licensed to attempt to ensure responsible and accountable ownership. (Bicycles too!!!!!!!!!!). All 14 dogs should be photographed and their pictures published to embarrass and show up the heartless morons who have abandoned them. They should be publicly shamed for what they have done.

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