Cyclists allowed to break one-way rules in a dozen Brighton streets

Posted On 07 May 2012 at 3:03 pm

Twelve one-way streets in the North Laine area of Brighton are to be opened up for cycling in both directions.

The move follows a decision taken by Brighton and Hove City Council’s cabinet member for transport and the public realm Councillor Ian Davey.

Thirty six letters were received in support of the proposals in response to the traffic regulation order published last month – and seven objections.

The council said that it put forward the proposals in response to concerns from local residents and businesses.

The move is intended to discourage cycling on pavements and twittens, increase the city’s cycle network and encourage more cycling.

Councillor Davey said: “This is designed to make the area easier for people to move around.

“It will address issues raised by local residents and businesses about cyclists who use pavements and twittens by permitting people to cycle legally on the street.

“We will continue to work with the local community as the changes are rolled out. The council will be taking into consideration the views of the people who live and work in the North Laine when designing the contraflow so that it is safe and works well.”

Work will begin immediately and the council will meet with residents three months after the scheme has been completed to discuss how it is working and resolve any practical issues. There will also be an independent road safety audit.

The council said that contraflow cycling already takes place in one-way streets in other parts of the country, including London and Cambridge, and elsewhere in Europe.

Two-way cycling is also already allowed in some one-waystreets in Brighton and Hove, including Church Street, Jubilee Street and New Road in the North Laine.

The streets covered by the latest decision are

  • Church Street (part of this street already has contraflow cycling)
  • Foundry Street
  • Gloucester Road
  • Gloucester Street (part of the street)
  • Kemp Street
  • Kensington Place
  • Kensington Place
  • Over Street
  • Queen’s Gardens
  • Robert Street
  • Tidy Street
  • Trafalgar Street

All currently have 20mph speed limits, the council said, adding: “Signs and road markings will be used to ensure cyclists and other road users share the streets safely.”

The council discussed the proposal with the North Laine Community Association and North Laine Traders Association as part of the consultation process. Some members raised safety concerns.

  1. Hoveman Reply

    And of cause if there are (or when there are) and ‘accidents’ it won’t be the fault of the cyclists or the Council..

    Also ‘two wrongs do not make a right’ .. Just because other areas have adopted this is NO recommendation.

  2. Mark Strong Reply

    Cyclists will NOT be breaking the rules – it’s the rules that will be changed! This is a misleading and provocative headline, it would be good if it could be toned down!

    And to deal with Hoveman’s point, the likelihood of conflict between cars & cyclists will be no higher with two-way cycling (the roads have been assessed for their suitability for two-way cycling & those unsuitable have NOT been included) and the likelihood of conflict between cyclists & pedestrians will be REDUCED. What’s not to like?

    Just because other areas in Brighton & Hove, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world have adopted this with no problems seems a pretty good recommendation to me!

  3. frances Reply

    This is excellent news. The network is so patchy, anything that helps to link it up and encourage more people out and about on bikes and not cars is great. There does not need to be a war between cyclists and everyone else…just a bit of care on both sides.

  4. rob Reply


    its just a bike on a road. everyone needs to calm down. they should be able to cycle and dodge other traffic / road users quite easily.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    strange rules to be broken ..
    good i would like the police to now do a big big campaign along the Lewes road the cyclists there woosh past the red lights as if they are pretty disco lights… they spent £700k putting in the cycle lanes now enforce the traffic lights police … – See more at:

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