Wheelchair woes spur Brighton man with spina bifida to share ideas online

Posted On 22 Jul 2012 at 9:31 am

A Brighton man with spina bifida has created a website full of information and advice for disabled people.

Andy Stiller, 41, said that he was inspired to create the website because of his own experience of the lack of good information and practical advice for disabled people.

He said: “Since becoming a wheelchair user 14 years ago, I have been constantly frustrated by the shortage of useful information on venues, services and products.

“This can turn simple acts like going out with friends or buying a pair of gloves into a logistical nightmare.

“Disabled people and their friends have a huge amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to accessing the world with a disability.

“The idea of www.disability-advice.info is to share information and reviews on venues, services and products – as well as practical tips and advice to make life easier.”

Mr Stiller developed his website idea while attending a community leaders programme run by the Men’s Network in Brighton and Hove last year.

And has been receiving coaching and support from a local social enterprise called Leading the Change.


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