Fire on Hove seafront started by barbecue left in bin

Posted On 20 Aug 2012 at 6:43 pm

A disposable barbecue was blamed for a bin fire in Hove yesterday evening (Sunday 19 August).

An East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service crew from Hove was sent to the seafront at about 7.15pm to deal with the incident.

Firefighters said that they were concerned by the growing number of people abandoning their barbecues either on the beach or in nearby bins without ensuring that they were out.

They said that failing to put out a barbecue properly – for example, by dousing it with water – could have devastating consequences for others.

Crew Manager Jamie Roberts said: “There is a perfect water source right there, which is the sea.

“We are concerned that there are also lots of children walking around and they could burn themselves on hot stones or abandoned barbecues.

“Local residents are becoming increasingly concerned by these types of incidents and we would urge people to be considerate of others.”


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