Brighton and Hove binmen call off strike

Posted On 20 Jun 2013 at 9:48 pm

The GMB union has suspended the strike by binmen in Brighton and Hove after the council made an improved offer.

Mark Turner, the branch secretary, put the offer to members at 6pm today (Thursday 20 June) and called off industrial action at 7.30pm.

The move means that the strike planned for next week will not go ahead and that the CityClean binmen and street cleaners will not be working to rule tomorrow (Friday 21 June).

Mr Turner said: “We’ve been in negotiations again today with the council. The council came up with an offer. At 6pm we put that offer to our members.

“We will now be conducting a ballot over the next 28 days providing the council issues certain information about the offer to the staff on what it means to them on an individual basis.

Bin strike“While all that is going on I can confirm we have formally suspended industrial action for the next 28 days.”

He said that the GMB and Brighton and Hove City Council would issue a joint statement tomorrow.

This is expected to spell out the detail of what has changed, with the council expected to write to staff within days.

Once the letters have gone a ballot is likely to take place over the following two weeks.

Councillor Warren Morgan, the Labour group leader, said: “I’d like to thank union and council officer negotiators for getting to a point where a revised offer from the council can be put to a staff vote.

“I hope that this will lead to an end of the strike which is what we, local residents and businesses want.

“If the recent unrest has shown one thing it is how heavily the city relies on these workers who do such a tough job.”


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  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    I think that Cllr Morgan should recognise that this is a situation which goes back a decade.

  3. Pork William Reply

    Next step is to remove the incompetent, spiteful, ultra politically-correct Marxist Greens from power.

  4. Anna Reply

    Hooray finally! I’m sure that I speak for many residents in this city when I say it’s an elated relief that the strike has ended. This city has taken for granted the tremendous job that these guys do for us and the strike has made their point loud and clear.

    I sincerely hope that the ’28 days’ statement doesn’t mean that we have to go through this pain again next month or EVER AGAIN. Ultimately, this city will lose visitors if a strike like this happens again. There are many other cleaner and greener places to go – in which case the city won’t have so much rubbish to clear….

  5. Patrick Smash Reply

    And where was the leadership from the Green Party during the strike? Kitcat was hiding away in his Council Führer-Bunker, and Lucas was perpetually Tweeting nonsense about her anti-Page 3 crusade.

    The Greens have proved themselves to be completely incapable of running a children’s Birthday party, let alone Brighton and Hove; the sooner that there is a vote of no-confidence against these clowns, the better…

  6. Steve Reply

    The Green Party are all talk no substance. They have proven that they are incapable of handling a crisis regardless of whether it was inherited or not. It is easy for any political party to pass the buck when a problem occurs, the real test is how they handle it and on this occasion they have failed on every level.

    They are a completely ignorant party that believe they know whats best for the city without listening to the residents. Cars are a necessity for many people these days and no matter how hard they make it for people, you are not going to get a family of 4 cycling into school on an ice cold winter morning in the dark. No more bus/cycle lanes! concentrate on filling the pot holes and leave the Green aspect to the many parks that need maintaining around the city!

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