Hove school closed by swarm of bees

Posted On 24 Jul 2013 at 9:41 pm

A Hove secondary school has closed after a swarm of bees massed on the roof of one of its main buildings.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School, in The Upper Drive, Hove, was closed today (Wednesday 24 July) on what should have been the final day of term.

Head teacher James Kilmartin said that a number of staff and pupils suffered from bee allergies and that windows had to be kept shut to protect those staff and pupils.

But this meant classrooms were excessively hot and had a lack of ventilation.

In a message in the school’s website yesterday (Tuesday 23 July) Dr Kilmartin said: “Due to a combination of excessive heat and a lack of ventilation linked to a swarm of bees I have made the decision to close the school to students tomorrow.

“Staff will report to school as normal for an Inset day (in-service training day).

“Because a swarm of bees has gathered at the top of the Cashman building we are not able to open any of the windows in Cashman or St Mary’s.

“A number of our staff and students have serious allergies which can be triggered by bee stings.

“The excessive temperatures mean that effective teaching and learning is not possible.

“Having consulted the local authority I have, therefore, made the decision to close the school on Wednesday 24 July.

“The school will reopen next term.”

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