Hove hedgehog and Winterwatch star cheats death by lawnmower

Posted On 30 Jul 2014 at 7:13 am
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A Hove hedgehog who starred in BBC Winterwatch is recovering from a nasty encounter with a lawnmower.

Hazel the hedgehogHazel, who lives on the Knoll Estate, suffered two infected cuts, probably inflicted by a strimmer or lawnmower.

He is cared for by the Hedgehog Street project, which has called on people tending to their lawns to watch out for hedgehogs.

The project’s Becky Walton found him late on Sunday night. She said: “The photo doesn’t do justice to how nasty the wounds are. Thank goodness I went out late last night to do a check of the garden and spotted him.

“He is now at New Priory vets where he has been cleaned up and is getting antibiotics.

“If he makes it (there is a chance he could succumb to the infection) he’ll go to Roger’s Wildlife Rescue to recover and then come back here for release.

“Please, if you hear neighbours mowing or strimming, have a friendly word and ask them to check all areas for any sleeping hogs first.”

Hazel is now said to be on antibiotics and doing well.

Hazel on Winterwatch

Hazel before he was injured

Becky added: “I found Hazel and the other juveniles in my garden here on Godwin Road last October or November.

“They were looked after by the RSPCA and then went on to be tagged, released and monitored by Brighton University and the RSPCA, which is when they starred on Winterwatch.”

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