Signalling issues bring Brighton mainline to a halt

Posted On 23 Sep 2014 at 10:48 am

Signalling problems have caused a meltdown on the Brighton mainline this morning, with no trains currently moving south of Haywards Heath.

The issues caused delays of about an hour to services for more than four hours today from about 10am.

Lines were open again shortly after 2pm, but the delays continued:

The unofficial Brighton Station Twitter account has explained the problem thus: “Today’s delays are due to the train detection system, known as ‘track circuits’ failing. For safety, when they fail they show ‘occupied’.

This means that the signalling system “thinks” there is a train where there is clear track, and holds the signal/s behind at danger (red).

“When a track circuit failure occurs the signaller has to speak to every driver and instruct them what to do from the signal at red.

This means ALL trains have to stop there, call the driver, and are told to proceed as far as the next signal “at caution”. This is the delay.”

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