Poster poo campaign urges dog owners to clear up

Posted On 26 Feb 2015 at 9:26 am

dog poo poster A father sick of negotiating dog poo on the school run has designed a poster urging dog owners to pick uptheir pooch’s stinky offerings.

Tim Wills put together the striking yellow poster after scores of fellow parents and neighbours in Hanover complained about the problem.

The poster is already displayed in windows around the neighbourhood in bid to keep the area’s pavements clear.

The Stanford Medical Centre in Islingword Road put up its own handwritten poster urging dog owners to stop turning the pavement into a toilet.

It read: “Everyone is disgusted and you are breaking the law.”

dog poo chalkAnd other tactics used in Hanover include chalking messages around the offending pavement poos.

Tim’s poster can be downloaded and printed out here.

Doggy deposits can also be reported on the FixMyStreet website here.

  1. Ashley Reply

    totally agree! We walk up & down Elm Grove every day to Elm Grove School & I’m continually shouting to my six year old (who is scooting) “mind the dog poo”! We have re named Elm Grove “Dog Poo Alley”!
    We have a dog & wouldn’t dream of leaving dog poo behind! It’s disgusting!

  2. Kevin Reply

    i think its fracking disgusting how people leave it i saw someone other day there dog pooped and they walked away from it i caught up with them and said theres a poo bag for ure dogs poo that you just left they said argh well and carried on walking ive got a dog and wouldent dream of leaving it

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