Momma Cherri helps open soul food fusion restaurant in Croydon

Posted On 06 Mar 2015 at 11:59 pm

The former Brighton restaurateur Momma Cherri – real name Charita Jones – is a partner in a new restaurant.

The Caribbean soul food fusion restaurant is due to open in South London on Saturday 14 March.

The CaribSoul Restaurant and Coffee House, in George Street, Croydon, is said to be the first in Britain to combine the Caribbean and Afro-American soul food.

Momma Cherri found fame on the TV programme Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares when she ran Momma Cherri’s Soul Shack, in Little East Street, Brighton.

Momma Cherri - Charita Jones

Momma Cherri – Charita Jones

She moved to nearby premises, called Momma Cherri’s Big House, also in Little East Street, after her television appearances.

But the venture failed in 2009 although she briefly ran another venue – the shortlived Momma Cherri Speakeasy – in Providence Place, Brighton, which opened and closed later the same year.

Her latest venture is being started by a couple called Tony and Monica Taylor and their menu features dishes by Momma Cherri, who has since published a cookbook.

CaribSoul will also help to fund Agatha’s Children, a charity that offers help to abused children globally.

  1. adam williamson Reply

    hi there, my family and i run Jukes Bar and Kitchen in Brighton which is actually a Caribbean and soul food fusion restaurant. we serve up jambalaya and fried chicken alongside Jamaican jerk and curry goat. we opened in November 2014 and still going strong!

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