Hove call centre thought to be making 6m nuisance calls a day raided

Posted On 12 Mar 2015 at 11:28 pm

A call centre in Hove thought to be responsible for making millions of nuisance calls was raided today. 

The Information Commisioners Office says the business is believed to be using automatic dialling technology to make four to six million recorded telephone calls a day about debt management or payment protection insurance. 

The calls are made anonymously, are sent without consent and it is impossible to opt out of receiving them. 

Documents and computer equipment were removed for further examination. 

The ICO will now consider what action is necessary in order to compel the organisation to comply with the rules regarding recorded telephone calls. 

This may include issuing a civil monetary penalty and or an enforcement notice.  

David Clancy, ICO Enforcement Team Manager said:

“Our intelligence has identified this address as being responsible for making millions upon millions of recorded messages. It is astounding to think this one small company has the ability to pester millions of people with unwanted calls on a huge scale. 

“Thanks to this raid we have seized information that will enable us to discover where this organisation is sourcing their data and prevent them from selling it to third parties. The rules on making recorded messages are clear, and if the evidence proves the law has been broken we will act.”


he raid was prompted by intelligence supplied by the Ministry of Justice Claims Management Regulation Unit (CMRU) and the ICO’s online reporting tool. It was carried out with the assistance of the CMRU and Brighton & Hove City Council Trading Standards. 

The regulations covering electronic marketing, including marketing calls and texts, are due to change to make it easier for the ICO to take action against rogue companies. 

Another premises in Maidenhead thought to host the company’s servers has also been raided today.

  1. coll Reply

    About time!! Companies like this are a blight on society and drive people mad!

  2. Mr Magoo Reply

    I now leave my phone on answer machine…don`t answer ANY calls…just call back if it is necessary/freinds etc…don`t bother answering your phone any more…simple.

  3. Mr Magoo Reply

    ps…these people ought to be fined so heavily they go out of business…AND jailed.

  4. Valerie Paynter Reply

    A MrGRaffe comment behind the Argus article online is deeply shocking and I hope the police seexit and follow up.

    The most shocking thing to me is that automated, phone calls like these are even legal. Indeed even having an unlisted number is no protection any more. Insane.

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