Quick traffic light changes frustrate taxi drivers

Posted On 01 Apr 2015 at 12:30 pm

WITH VIDEO: Drivers are being given just seconds to get through traffic lights along the seafront late at night.

Taxi driver Mo Abdsami asked Brighton and Hove News to look into why the lights at the junction of Kings Road and West Street only stayed green for ten seconds.

He said this was causing a frustrating wait, and could possibly lead to an accident as fed-up customers were jumping out of taxis in the middle of the road.

But Brighton and Hove City Council says the short phasing is intentional and meant to match the amount of traffic.

Mr Abdsami said: “The traffic lights on Kings Road eastbound at the bottom of West street only last 10 seconds on Friday and Saturday nights after around 10ish.

“It’s been going on for about a month now and is causing problems because all the customers will jump out by the Brighton Centre in the middle of the road.”

But although Mr Abdsami says the issue has only been going on for a few weeks, a spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said no recent changes had been made.

She said: “The timings are not fixed and will vary to match the number of cars present, so after 10pm when traffic is light the signals will change more quickly.

“Initial review of the CCTV footage does not show any significant traffic queues but we are looking into it in more detail.”

  1. feline1 Reply

    What? Taxi drivers who bother stopping at red lights? What nonsense is this?! You’ll be claiming they stick to the speed limits next! loool

  2. Jay Reply

    Im living in Rottingdean and is happened for just last weekend. Huge traffic was waiting to pass the light and in every single time just 2 or 4 car able to pass the junctions. Very annoying

  3. The Gzunder Party Reply

    Same problem at the new “improved” junction between Upper Lewes Rd and Vogue Gyratory. All part of the green policy of making our lives less pleasant. #greenfail

  4. Paul Everett Reply

    Really frustrating, only time for a few cars to pass when lights are green,staying red for too long.
    This is the Bloody Greens idea and their anti car policy.

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