Brighton man flown back from Nepal

Posted On 30 Apr 2015 at 1:17 pm

A Brighton man flown back from Nepal says he avoided being in one of the areas worst hit by an earthquake because his friend overslept.

Harry Quinn, 26, was one of 100 Britons who landed at Stansted Airport at 3am today.

Between 500 and 1,000 Britons are thought to be stranded in Nepal since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday, killing an estimated 5,000 people with the final death toll feared to be double that.

Mr Quinn told Press Association: “We’d been out the night before and had a few drinks but I was up early and ready to head out to see the sights.

“The others slept in and it’s a good job they did because we would have been right at the centre of it.

“A hotel two doors down, which had turned us away because it was full, completely collapsed with 80 people inside.”

Meanwhile, a Brighton mum says she is relieved that her step sister Susannah Ross has now been flown to the safety of an airbase by US troops.

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