In pictures: Brighton Festival Children’s Parade

Posted On 05 May 2015 at 8:04 am

Flocks of seagulls, doves, flamingoes, swans, murmurations of starlings and pies full of blackbirds, not to mention witches, the odd superhero, a zeppelin and even a flying pig swooped through the streets of Brighton on Saturday (2 May) for the annual Brighton Festival Children’s Parade.

Don’t believe that pigs can fly? Check out the photographic evidence.

IMG_4527IMG_4532IMG_4534IMG_4535IMG_4542IMG_4545IMG_4551IMG_4561IMG_4554 IMG_4555IMG_4557IMG_4566IMG_4570IMG_4575IMG_4576IMG_4580IMG_4547IMG_4588IMG_4599IMG_4603IMG_4609IMG_4621IMG_4626IMG_4630IMG_4631IMG_4632IMG_4636IMG_4639IMG_4643IMG_4649IMG_4651IMG_4653IMG_4654IMG_4657IMG_4662IMG_4666IMG_4667IMG_4676IMG_4668IMG_4680

  1. Olive Sant Reply

    What a wonderful festival and parade for the children of Brighton where I was born. Congratulations to the organisers.

    Olive Sant.

    South Australia.

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