First floor bay window collapses onto Brighton street

Posted On 24 Jul 2015 at 10:29 pm
Picture by Krzysztof Urban

Picture by Krzysztof Urban

Firefighters have been called to Kemp Town tonight after part of a first floor bay window collapsed onto the street below.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue was called to the privately owned house in New Steine in Brighton at 9.14pm this evening after receiving reports of a dangerous structure.

By 10.30pm, firefighters had cleared up the debris and left the scene.

Sharon Ferguson, manager of Alston House Hotel next door, said: “We heard a thump next door and lumps of debris had fallen from the building next door. The firefighters have come up and cleared it up nicely.”

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Bungaroosh, by any chance? This was once a common problem in Brighton bays made of it.

  2. QT Getomov Reply

    We had a poster actually hold up a bungaroosh wall in our kitchen for years. The landlord said it was just bowed, then that it was our fault… But you wouldn’t use bungaroosh for an exterior wall surely? It’s just lime and grit.

  3. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Bungaroosh is lime, grit, straw, hair, the odd stone or shell – anything. They made garden walls and building walls using it. There are still buildings in this city with bungaroosh in their walls or held together with plaster!

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