Brighton and Hove cabbies cheered by Uber ruling

Posted On 16 Oct 2015 at 12:14 pm

The Uber app court ruling today (Friday 16 October) is a victory in London but could mean defeat in Brighton on Monday (19 October).

Some Brighton and Hove cabbies were cheered by the news which could lift the threat of what is regarded by many as unfair competition.

The High Court ruled that the Uber app was not a taxi meter. Only black cabs can use meters in London. Private hire operators are not allowed to use them.

But in Brighton and Hove the rules are that private hire operators must use a meter.

On Monday a Brighton and Hove City Council licensing panel will hear Uber’s application for a private hire operator’s licence.

There have been suggestions among some taxi and private hire drivers that the council lacks the stomach for a fight with Uber.

But the council has pointed out that the only ground for declining a licence is if the applicant is not a fit and proper person.

And despite various criticisms of the way that Uber does business, it could not reasonably be called out on this criterion.

However, the High Court ruling today undermines a key element of Uber’s application in Brighton and Hove.

The American online firm already operates in Birmingham and Manchester.

  1. Rob Reply

    bring on uber! we need more competition to deal with the extortionate fares Brighton taxis currently can get away with

    • WizBang Reply

      Blame the Council – they regulate the fares! Cab drivers don’t want the increases, it costs the driver more to have their meters changed, than the increase the Council awards.

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  3. khalid Reply

    bring on ubert we need more competition and chip fares and online

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