Brighton’s Concorde 2 hit by leaks

Posted On 12 Nov 2015 at 1:33 pm

Brighton’s Concorde 2, currently surrounded by fenced off crumbling terraces, has also been hit by leaks from its roof.

Concorde 2
The Madeira Lift was closed early this summer after a flood in the basement, and now the roof has also began to let water through.

But the council, which owns the building, says that unlike the Jag Gallery which closed earlier this year, there are no immediate structural issues with the building. It has pledged to do all it can to help the venue keep open.

And it’s not thought the venue has had to close or reschedule any gigs as a result of the leaks.

A spokeswoman said: “The council recently carried out a full survey of Concorde 2 and there are no immediate issues with the building. Our building surveyors will inspect the roof early next week and arrange to carry out any running repairs identified to stop further leaks. The manager is able to make temporary arrangements to contain the leaks in the meantime.

“We appreciate the challenges of Concorde 2 operating from an historic building on the seafront. We are working hard together to find a long-term solution to regenerate the seafront arches and terraces and will support Concorde 2 to continue successfully operating its business.

“Rest assured, when all the proposals are in place, we will share that with Concorde 2 and the other seafront businesses.”

The Colonnade toilets on Madeira Drive have also had to close because of leaks while repairs are made to their roof.

  1. Phil Sheer Reply

    The Council won’t be happy until the seafront from the Pier to the Marina is a complete “no go” area, it already looks derelict!
    Meanwhile we’ve got a nice new shiny i(sore)360 under construction in their favoured part of town, all for a very “reasonable” £37 million!
    Just think how much of the repairs necessary to the existing (listed?) structures could have been done with that money. Very sad.

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