High winds and heavy rain prompt further severe weather warning from Met Office

Posted On 17 Nov 2015 at 4:41 pm

The heavy rain and more gales have prompted a fresh severe weather warning for Brighton and Hove from the Met Office.

The high winds could bring down trees, the Met Office said, and are expected to reach more than 40mph with gusts of almost 60mph, according to localised forecasts.

The Met Office warning said: “West to southwesterly gales and locally severe gales are likely to sweep eastwards across the area on Tuesday evening (17 November).

“Widespread inland lowland gusts of 50mph to 60mph are likely, with isolated (gusts over) 70mph.

“Over exposed hills, coasts and headlands … winds may gusts over 80mph.

“Large waves will be an additional hazard along coasts.

“The winds should quickly ease across western parts later on Tuesday evening and across eastern parts shortly after midnight.

“The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to travel and that gusts of this strength could bring down trees and lead to some damage to weakened structures.

“A vigorous depression will track quickly east across Ireland and then northern England this evening, with a swathe of very strong winds developing on the southern flank of the low.”

The windy weather is expected to continue into next week with temperatures dropping noticeably towards the weekend.

On Saturday (21 November), Sunday and Monday the temperature is likely to range between 37F (3C) and 43F (6C), feeling colder in the wind.

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