5 things you might not know about Brighton’s old Buckingham Road Maternity Hospital

Posted On 19 Nov 2015 at 7:51 pm

Buckingham Road - old Sussex Maternity Hospital original building

1) The hospital was opened in 1830 and was primarily for young women and ‘unattached mothers’.

2) It was previously called Brighton and Hove Hospital for women.

3) Brighton and Hove News sports reporter Tim Hodges was born there in late January some years ago.

4) The wards were known colloquially as Goldsmid, Church and Hove. So it is possible to be Hove Born & Bred but be born in Brighton.

5) The building ceased being a hospital in 1971.

Buckingham Road - old Sussex Maternity Hospital

  1. Brighton and Hove Stuff Reply

    Biggest thing you forgot that the building was the original Brighton Grammar School before it moved to Dyke Road and is now BHASVIC

  2. Sylvia le Duc Reply

    I was a patient there when I gave birth to my first son Frank le Duc, Brighton and Hove News Editor.

  3. Anne Cullingford Reply

    I was born there on 1st November 1950!!

  4. janet wilkinson( formerly Mahoney) Reply

    my baby was born there 28/29th June 1965. Unfortunately she was stillborn at 28.4weeks as of now I can find no records of what happened to her little body

    • Diane Foord Reply

      I had a stillborn on there in 1959 have been able to find his burial place, have details of help,if you still looking for closure.

      • joss warner Reply

        I am looking for records of my twin sister who died there 2 weeks after we were born in 1963. There is no record of her in the Brighton and Hove cemeteries and burials, but I have her death certificate. I would really like to know what happened to her body as I would like to mark her resting place, something I have wanted to find the answer to all my life.

  5. Kevin Sutton Reply

    I was born there 11.45pm, June 21st 1968.

    I’ve never regretted it…

  6. Frances Lindsay-Hills Reply

    Yes, I was born there too. The building that replaced it was ugly in the extreme. I am pleased to see the new developers plan something that will fit in with and enhance the street scene.

  7. Tony Titchener Reply

    I was born in the maternity hospital and attended its previous incarnation, the Grammar School, which had moved when that was built in 1911

  8. Mark Doutre Reply

    I was born here 21st July 1958

  9. David Stevens Reply

    I was born there on 7th July 1942.

  10. Adrienne Roberts Reply

    I was bourn there 20th February 1955, so sad its been demolished

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