7 things that sent us almost delirious as Brighton & Hove Albion came back to beat Charlton Athletic

Posted On 06 Dec 2015 at 8:42 am

1) How delighted the match sponsors were to be on the pitch at kick off. No one could fail to notice they were there. And anybody who didn’t get waved at by them might be entitled to a refund. In fact Albion could reintroduce the 19th century format where the local mayor or alderman would kick off the match. The sponsors would love to do that.

2) The intriguing afternoon of Charlton Athletic keeper Stephen Henderson, taking to the field well after the rest of the Addicks players at the start and  unfortunately injuring himself after saving from Jamie Murphy. Then he appeared to turn his ankle as he saved from Tomer Hemed and was flat on his back seconds later when Bobby Zamora equalised. He was just plain unlucky as he pushed Hemed’s header upwards and essentially back into the goal.

3) Bobby Zamora’s 143rd career goal – his 81st for the Albion (watch out Wardy) his 5th of the season and 3rd in successive matches. Some said he’d never come back. Some even said he shouldn’t have come back. Some said (in September) he’ll never be fit enough. It’s just a marketing gimmick. We say: “When the ball hits the net …”

4) The slightly high-pitched chanting from the schools shelf which was a little irritating at half time and simply beautiful on 85 minutes.

5) The astonishing sight of Albion fans leaving to get their train just after Zamora equalised. You know roughly what time the match will end. You can record ‘Strictly’ or the ‘Jungle’. You might never experience, at first hand, the Albion overcoming a two-goal deficit, which they haven’t done since beating Leicester on a rainy night in 2008 – and look at them now. Some came back but others weren’t able to jump around like drunken middle-aged fools, kissing each other and even those who didn’t want to be kissed. Disgraceful! … Sorry.

6) The thought that the next few games include 1st v 3rd and possibly 1st v 2nd. Or in other words Derby v Albion and Albion v Middlesbrough. Albion did appear to equal QPR’s championship unbeaten record yesterday. Can they beat it next week?

7) The general feel-good factor around Football League leaders, the unbeaten Brighton and Hove Albion.

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