Base jumpers break into i360 and leap off tower

Posted On 23 Jan 2016 at 11:03 am

Five base jumpers broke into the i360 site this morning, scaled the tower and base jumped to the beach.

The i360 released a statement about the incident saying nobody was hurt, and it is now reviewing security arrangements at the site.

The i360 statement said: “A security breach occurred at the i360 site last night. Five people broke in to the site, opened the lock on the tower and base jumped off the tower. No-one was hurt and they do not appear to have intended to cause any damage. Sussex Police were called to the site and are investigating.

“At present, the site is managed by our contractors J T Mackley with 24 hour security supplied by Beacon. We will be reviewing security levels with our contractors in light of this incident and will be stepping up our security further following this event.

“The building is not complete and permanent security measures will be being installed over the forthcoming months such as high security walls, alarmed doors, access control and CCTV cameras, which will make breaches of this type become increasingly difficult.”

  1. colleen conroy Reply

    a waste of space this pole …more money for security and one is expected to believe this will bring income into bton hove lols an eye sore yes an old timer of this city greens are ruining our city increase in parking poor people who would love a day here parking expensive trains too

    • C Reply

      Some really needs to be done about the parking in Brighton! In London recently and it’s cheaper to park and more fairly managed ie 9am 6pm not to Friday not the 8am 8pm 7days a week crap that’s all round town! The Green Party suck

    • Nathan Reply

      God alive, have any of you heard of punctuation? And I ditto Laura’s point, what has the green party got to do with the tower…

    • EyeMarshallPhotography Reply

      Errr, the Greens got voted out in may 2015, 9 months ago, and political parties, as far as I am aware, are not responsible for setting the price of a train ticket. Now, what were you saying ?

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      Perhaps you could take some lessons in writing before appearing in public like this? Meanwhile, there is appalling cynicism in your comment about the victims of such places as Dresden and Hiroshima. They are “ruined cities”, not Hove and Brighton.

  2. judy Reply

    DON’T spend on increasing security…wasting money ;it’s a one-off.

  3. David Reply

    Take the thing down!

  4. Kieran Turner Reply

    High security walls, eh? That’ll look attractive & welcoming in the seafront…

  5. Laura Vigor Reply

    In what way are The Green Party “ruining our city”? They were not in control of Brighton Council when the i360 was commissioned, nor are they now.

    There are many people who would be interested in finding out how The Green Party are involved in this project so please share your information with us Colleen Conroy.

    • saveHOVE Reply

      You need to be aware that whilst planning consent was given under a Labour Administration it was under the Green Administration that a financial rescue package was put together so it would get built.

      The project was otherwise a busted flush with a useless planning consent they were free to sit on in perpetuity(deemed implemented by the legal department in 2009 under the Conservative Administration). Support from the Conservatives meant BHCC borrowed £36.4m to lend to Marks Barfield so they could build it.

      The Green Administration initiated and sealed the loan deal. Marks Barfield had lost ALL its inadequate amount of financial backing by 2012. The Green Administration WERE responsible for the i360 going ahead to what is now happening. Fact.

  6. Leftbollock Reply

    Why not just make it a purpose built base jumping tower and forget all the fancy notions of generating an income from charging people to see the horizon in the middle of the channel?

    • Rightside Reply

      Best idea I’ve heard! Nowhere else in the world has one either, tourists would flock!

    • BASEamus maximus Reply

      Putting nasty things like walls and security fences endanger our lives if we need to go to plan B after a malfunction….which happens sometimes. Its already dangerous enough. Putting things like security cameras and alarms only slow us down a wee bit. They never stop us. We always try leave sites like we found it. No damage and no harm done. Too bad they burned this one for others now, but you won’t stop the jumping. I agree on making this a BASE specific tower when completed, check out KL tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They hold a 5 day BASE specific event every year for us. Deep down inside, everybody loves what we BASErs accomplish, we don’t do it for the glory, or the money. We do it for ourselves and our buds. Why not let us share it with the world? We’d love to. One peace. One Love. One Unity.

      • Skyhigh Reply

        Agree would love to see that video oc the jump must have been amazing

      • Sarah Martin Reply

        Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful….

    • AirgameZ Reply

      You should come to Blackpool this August Bank Holiday for the 2nd annual AirgameZ.
      Blackpool council are forward thinking enough to help us build a BASE jumping festival on an annual basis.
      We are looking to put a 450ft crane on the prom this year, 130ft bigger than last years.
      We will also be adding other air sports and even have a few things lined up for the public to try.

      If anyone on the Brighton Council, or indeed The i360, want an event or demo, feel free to email us

  7. Brighton123 Reply

    Don’t be so stupid, of course it will generate income. The high walls will make no difference to the look of the seafront either. The Green council are absolutely nothing to do with it and the money for added security will be charged to the construction company

  8. Steve James Reply

    Progress is progress, Brighton front needs to continually improve to pay for itself, fish n chips just won’t cut it anymore.. These base jumpers are actually great publicity

  9. Agent White Reply

    They pay pea nuts for their security…and we all know what you get when you do that.

  10. Freddie Long Reply

    Looks like a bit of welcome advance publicity to me. Anyone who goes base jumping strikes me as bonkers but usually it’s only themselves they put in harm’s way. Something to be said for trying to accommodate them officially occasionally. Glad the pod’s in place now. Makes the whole thing look a lot better than it seemed at first glance.

  11. Brightonpole Reply

    Brightons pole looks like it fell out of space … this is not NY you cant put that next to the victorian setting

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      It is not a Victorian setting. There is Abbotts, the Brighton Centre, cinema, Sussex Heights (worst of all), Chartwell Court and the concrete bunker that was the arsoned Bedford Hotel. It is a horrible area.

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