Rail union vows to fight Brighton and Hove ticket office closures

Posted On 05 Feb 2016 at 6:24 pm

The RMT rail union has vowed to fight the proposed closure of ticket offices in Brighton and Hove.

The changes – at Hove, Portslade and Falmer stations – affect 81 stations across routes served by Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express.

The ticket office at Falmer is expected to close completely some time after June once passengers become used to using ticket machines.

The union said that Hove and Portslade would be part of “a third wave which will close outside of peak hours when a longer period of ‘re-education’ has been undertaken, with the threat of eventual total closure”.

The union said that it was starting a “campaign to defend jobs and services” as rail operator Govia began a formal consultation.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “These plans, driven by the desire to de-staff our railways in the quest for profit, would unleash a wave of ticket office carnage across rail franchises that are already seen as the basket-cases of Britain’s privatised railway network.

“It is clear that Govia couldn’t give two hoots about passenger services, jobs and safety and are prepared to milk these routes for every single penny that they can extract regardless of what the travelling public think of them.

“It is a disgrace and Govia should be slung out and these essential rail services taken into public ownership before these latest profit-driven cuts are allowed to rip through these 81 stations from north to south.

“It is no coincidence that this threat comes as Southern are already gearing up to axe guards from their services in yet another lethal gamble with safety-critical jobs on some of Britain’s most dangerously overcrowded trains and platforms.

“RMT is launching a campaign of opposition to these plans and we will be working with the travelling public to stop them in their tracks.”

  1. Patrick kite Reply

    Being an ex railwaymen I could see this coming when thay destaffed hove for instance especially with the bad curviture of the platform on the London side it didn’t suprised me at all I can’t do much as I am severely disabled but you have got to stop the destaffing of the trains you must have guards on all trains where will it all end when somebody gets killed I soppose nothing will change till that happens

  2. Michael L Reply

    I want a quick and easy journey through our railway sttations I want the option to buy railway tickets on-line and use smartcard technology. I also want skilled and experienced staff available to help me when I need them

    Ticket offices are frequently closed or very often there is only one member of staff dealing with a multitude of enquiries.

    I,m sure someone believes that by reducing the number of staff available, customer satisfaction will improve.

  3. Gabriel Oaks Reply

    Southern’s (GTR) franchise is a management franchise on behalf of the DfT who ultimately reap the profits.

    Like the withdrawal of tea trollies on the trains it would not surprise me if the real driving force behind these closures was the DfT….

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