Scores of helpers clear truckloads of rubbish from Madeira Terraces

Posted On 07 Mar 2016 at 8:27 pm

A community clear-up organised by a Facebook campaign and supported by the city council’s dustmen cleared dozens of bags of rubbish, including needles, from the seafront and Madeira Terraces this weekend.

Middle Terrace 7
The event was suggested by council leader Warren Morgan, but taken on and given life by Jax Atkins via her two local Facebook pages, Kemp Town Brighton Past & Present, and Madeira Terraces & Black Rock.

The latter group was started as a place for residents to discuss and campaign for the restoration of the terraces, which have been closed off since serious structural defects were uncovered.

Middle Terrace 3

l-r, Nick from CityClean, Rebecca Bunker, Jax Atkins, and Annabel Giles

Jax said: “About 50 people turned up on Saturday, and about a dozen yesterday. We are so pleased with what we managed to achieve.

“My group of four went with Nick from Cityclean to clear up part of the Middle Terrace to the east of where the boards have blocked off the part exposed for engineering analysis.

Middle Terrace
“Others who turned up went to other parts of the Kemp Town seafront – some to Marine Parade, some to under Madeira Drive & some along the Volk’s area.

“It was a pleasure to do it and extremely satisfying.”

Middle Terrace 1

Middle Terrace 6
Middle Terrace 2
Middle Terrace 4

  1. Daniel Harris (@arrisdan) Reply

    The real hidden side to Brighton, I am seeing used drug parafunalia more and more often in the streets. We need to do something to curb the drug problem here, lack of housing, low incomes and high rents dont help this situation. Its self medicating for rubbish lives people have today. No pun intended

    • Jon Reply

      A very credible and astute comment. I’m afraid we are all being priced out of Brighton by our new London residents.

  2. Jax Atkins Reply

    Thanks for writing about this Jo! It was a very successful weekend & we hope to repeat it on a regular basis, & all volunteers are welcome. There’s lots we can do ourselves to help improve our wonderful city & all it costs is time & a little effort. Thank-you to everyone who turned out & for all those who gave their support

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