Consultation on parking scheme for city centre’s ‘last free car park’ begins tomorrow

Posted On 29 Mar 2016 at 9:15 pm

An area dubbed Brighton’s “last free car park” which is even advertised online as a good place to park for Gatwick is set to be consulted on a residents parking scheme.

Bad parking in Montreal Street, Hanover. Picture by Ken Frost

Bad parking in Montreal Street, Hanover. Picture by Ken Frost

Hanover and Elm Grove previously rejected a scheme in 2010 – but since then, new schemes in surrounding areas have helped make it even harder to find a space.

After residents again approached Brighton and Hove City Council last year asking for a scheme designed around their needs based on volunteer surveys, the neighbourhood is now being asked whether it would support a light, medium or heavy touch scheme – or nothing at all.

And if enough people vote yes, detailed plans will be drawn up for further consultation, with a scheme coming on board early next year should the area again vote yes.

Gill Mitchell, chair of the council’s environment and transport committee, said: “Streets and neighbourhoods can be made more pleasant and safe with parking controls.

“That’s why recent surveys have shown almost 70 per cent of residents in areas with controls support them.

“There’s an unusual situation in Hanover where almost half the households have no car yet the place appears dominated by them. It’s up to residents, with or without cars, to make the decision.”

Chris Taylor, chair of the local action team, which carried out the initial surveys, said: “It is essential that as many residents respond as possible so that we can get an accurate feel for what the people of Hanover and Elm Grove really want to happen.”

Responses can be made online at or by returning a form in a pre-paid envelope, supplied with each letter.

  1. Peter Reply

    I live near Fiveways, our zone comes into action on April 4th . Recently a very expensive parking meter was installed and wired up to the nearest lamp post. This must have cost thousands of pounds to buy and install. It appears the only use this very expensive meter is going to have, is to inform drivers that they need to use their phones to pay for parking. Surely this could of been done for a fraction of the cost with a sign? On the subject of Parking zones I have had to pay £130 for the privilege of parking somewhere in the area of my home. I have checked the prices of other cities of comparable size to Brighton, and find Brighton is charging far more for residents parking permits than other cities. Some London boroughs charge £45 a year less than Brighton. Is Brighton council unable to charge a reasonable price for residents parking, or are they really as incompetent as they seem?

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