Cyclists dare to bare for Naked Bike Ride through Brighton

Posted On 12 Jun 2016 at 7:52 pm

Hundreds of cyclists braved the damp, overcast and rather chilly weather to cycle nude through Brighton for the tenth annual Naked Bike Ride this afternoon (Sunday 12 June).

Part protest and part celebration, the cyclists made their way from The Level to the nudist beach with Sussex Police in attendance. The police were fully clothed.

A rollerskater joined the good-natured naturist throng as they made their stand. The organisers said that the event was about

  • celebrating bikes, bodies and low-impact living
  • highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists and our strength and safety in numbers
  • protesting against fossil-fueled climate change and the dominance of our streets by cars

Similar events take place in more than a dozen other British towns and cities and about 70 places around the world. The event in London yesterday and Brighton today coincide with the start of National Bike Week.

  1. martin lawrence Reply

    Odd that they put mounds of stones and warning signs round the nudist beach ,then permit a load of exhibitionists get their jollies parading around bollocky in front of everyone kids included,( who may or may not question the behaviour or the exhibits ) with their bits hanging out , Were I to treat the public to a naked stroll down West Street on a Saturday night I fear the pleasure would be curtailed by the boys in blue !

  2. Mike oxlong Reply

    I wish the organisers would understand the basic concept of consent. People who did not consent to see naked perverts.

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