Brighton and Hove Chamber to explore future of transport

Posted On 17 Aug 2016 at 10:14 pm

The Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce is holding an event to explore the future of transport and what it means for business in light of major developments.

The debate – aimed at a business audience – is one of a series of events organised by the Chamber.

A panel of experts will address some of the big questions about transport in Brighton and Hove and will set out their views on where we are going.

The Chamber said: “In 1840 Brighton’s 50,000-strong population was served by public transport in the form of horse-drawn buses and the railway line to London.

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“Since then, our population has continued to grow, business has continued to grow and the transport infrastructure has had to keep up.

“We’ve seen trams and tuk-tuks come and go and the Volk’s electric railway line (the oldest of its kind in the world) maintain its genteel presence on the seafront – but what lies ahead?

“Mobile phone technology, GPS and the internet have transformed how we access and use public transport.

“What new technologies can we look forward to seeing in the city?

“How can we be sure that existing or future transport infrastructure will support the growing economy and business sector?”

Brighton and Hove Buses managing director Martin Harris and David Innes, commercial director at Govia Thameslink Railway, are two of the experts who will tackle the questions.

They are also expected to take questions from the floor along with Mark Prior, head of transport at Brighton and Hove City Council, and Nick Hibberd, acting exectutive director for Economy, Environment and Culture.

They will be taking part in the debate at the Clarendon Centre, in New England Street, Brighton, from 4pm to 6pm on Wednesday 21 September.

The Chamber added: “Our panellists will attempt to address some of these questions. Afterwards, there’ll be a Q&A with the panel.

“You’ll also have the chance to share your thoughts and ideas about the future of transport in the city and what it means for Brighton businesses.”

To buy a ticket, costing £10, for Major Developments: Where are we going? Transport in the City, click here.

  1. Hjarrs Reply

    Electric buses seem to have great promise, offering improved comfort and reducing urban pollution.

    A bit left field, but I found that the cable car by the O2 in London worked well. It has a capacity of 2500 people per hour or around 50 buses worth. You could imagine a link between A23/27 park and ride and Brighton Station.

  2. Rob Reply

    the future has to be park and ride. We can’t continue the way we are with cara clogging up the city, there isn’t enough space for just residents as it is!

  3. Simone Reply

    We need to stop cars in the main parts of town. Park and ride or cycle. The number of taxi at the train station should be reduced as they cause blocks on the road round the train station and the local council do nothing about it I seen the police move them on a bit after they’ve come back blocking again. The narrow road of north street need looking at as there will be an accident there soon with the traffic levels using the road.
    Park and ride waterhall and withdean is the way to go. But the link buses should be just for the park and ride as locals need to use buses to.

  4. Rolivan Reply

    Surely they should have thought of this as part of the City Plan of which I was told had no intention of the introduction of Trams for the next 25 years.Yet they seem to be popular everywhere they are intoduced and even being expanded like Croydon to Wimbledon.

  5. Philip Hilton Reply

    The way things are going, one should think, that (park & ride) will be the only option.

  6. Darren Reply

    Bicycles, specifically electric bicycles are an extremely good option. The technology is tried, tested, proven and affordable. More focus should be given in this direction.

  7. fiona sloan Reply

    I would love to see an electric tram car like the one in Montpelier and other european cities running from the marina to Hove along the sea front. So much cleaner and a great tourist attraction.

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